Sutton Peace Symposium is an opportunity to create awareness amongst communities and citizens in the Borough of Sutton about many Local, National and International issues including extremism, prejudice, human rights abuse and wars.

There is a unique diverse environment in Sutton Borough and occasionally it is important to bring together this splendid diversity and remind ourselves of the things that we have in common, things we can always build on as opposed to those which set us apart. With each year that passes and the changing climate of the World, the need for this is becoming more and more apparent and why not We in Sutton should do something about it? These are the challenges faced when trying to be an open and welcoming borough.

National Peace Symposium 2015

Such Symposiums have always advocated peace, tolerance and understanding among followers of different faiths and diligently tries to correct misunderstandings by promoting dialogue between different faith and non-faith communities. The beauties of living in Sutton is being a part of its diversity that has a multitude of cultural and religious variety, all of which coexists alongside one another but often get challenged when events at national and international issues explode on the media.

We want to promote the coming together of people from world of civic society, voluntary organizations, world of faith and no-faith and those engaged in politics in Sutton and beyond. We want to promote more dialogue, understanding and develop a collective voice to help improve peace and harmony at local, national and international levels.

This Symposium is an opportunity to share views and focus on promoting a peaceful co-existence for all the diverse communities in Sutton. Our theme of “Sutton – A Welcoming Community” aims to promote better interaction between communities through permeating a more Welcoming thought processes amongst all communities in Sutton. Sutton’s Communities should be encouraged to develop an open arms approach to each other not just at local Sutton level but to influence similar thoughts and approaches on national and international issues too.

The Sutton Ahmadiyya Muslim Community welcomes an opportunity to promote and host this Peace Symposium because it is their sincere belief that such activities allow us all to build on the common values such as Freedom, Liberty, Equality and Loyalty shape our society and create a peaceful co-existence.

The Sutton Ahmadiyya Muslims Community welcomes a good number a collaborators working with us to promote this initiative, which include The Mayor Sutton, local Members of Parliament, Councilors, other politicians, Community Campaigners, Faith leaders and others in Sutton. We would particularly like to see young sixth Formers and students attend the Symposium too. We hope to reach as many diverse citizens of Sutton Borough to persuade them to join us at the Symposium by visiting our website and registering your interest to attend.

Speakers at Symposium